Welcome to Radboudumc DMPonline

Radboudumc DMPonline is based on the DMPonline tool, developed by the UK's Digital Curation Centre (DCC). The tool is provided by Radboudumc Technology Centers RTC-CS and RTC-DS, and it helps you to create, review and share data management plans.

Radboudumc DMPonline offers a unified DMP template for all types of Radboudumc research (both human-based research and non-human, fundamental research), providing tailored institutional guidance, example answers and guidance from funders.

The institutional DMP template has been approved by the two most common national grant providers: ZonMw and NWO.

Instructions to login:

  • Click on ‘Institutional Login’ to sign in with your institutional credentials
  • Select the organization from the list (Radboudumc)
  • If you already have an account, you can sign in and directly edit your profile (top right corner of the screen) to link your institutional organization. Next time you will log in you will be directed directly to DMPonline.
  • If you are a new user, create an account (with your Radboudumc e-mail address and a UNIQUE password) and automatically link it with the institutional credentials so next time you log in you just go through and do not need to add any further details.